About Me

Hallo My name is Muhammad Ali Mustofa, but in blogging I often use the name of initials cabak23. I am native from Blitar, graduated from one of the vocational schools in Blitar, and now living in Blitar.

Since August 2014, I really like browsing whether looking for important things not important fan finally started to like blogging
About bangcabak

Bangcabak created in  august 2017. This blog actually was once a task from my teacher to create a website, a friend of “I myself also many who ordered me to make important tasks  let me value, because I was still the spirit of utak tackle this edit until I made good but ugly because most widgets I finally collect for the task, but because there is one of my friends who are also a blogger and can make money from there I started interested again to manage my blog again self-taught until it started lazy because it was not easy to make money from blogging maybe because it is still a beginner and want to get his immediate results like my friend hhhh blog finally not keurus long time ago,

Apart from to make money, my blog is also my means of storing my articles that tell me important and sya share to friends “whose contents are about school material examples of tasks and tutorials related to school .. yes maybe more or less like that lika meu blogging I am this

and I apologize if there is any wrong words from me

Thank you All